Friday, January 1, 2010

Sellers Thoughts on New Years Eve

First let me start by wishing all of you following our blog “Happy New Year”

This is the end of our first year of the DSR Blog. I promise you a whole new year of exciting posts. We are a group of sellers connecting with you sharing our selling lives mixed with our real lives and our passion for the products we sell.

As you read this post it’s time for you get your game plan together for 2010. I have been thinking about my new goals and challenges since late 2009. The way we sold in the past is not the way of the future. We cannot become “comfy” and do it the old way. The rules keep changing in this new frontier. Embrace Ecommerce! The whole word is your customer.

Here is my favorite site for information -

2009 was a juggling year for me. We are living between two homes 3 hours apart. My husband retired and everyday became a weekend. We were in one city today and another tomorrow. When he worked it was only weekends we were gone. Shipping schedules weren’t interrupted. Sundays Post Offices are closed. I believe in prompt shipping, thus my stores went on vacation every time I left town. Not great for biz. So 2009 dipped from 2008.

This year we will have two houses with inventory. Selling from two separate locations. I will be opening stores for my North Country House. I have already lugged many bins of stock up there to my huge attic. I’m very excited now that I have this part of my strategy figured out.

We are in the process of downsizing also and combining households as we care for my in-laws.

I have a full basement of inventory and it grows daily.

The next few months I will be power listing. I hate to see anything go to the trash that someone can use. There will be deals! I always have a Clearance section in my store. I’m a big recycler donating what I decide not to sell or give away. It’s a shame what goes to the dump, lost forever. (That’s another blog)

By sharing my thoughts I hope I got you thinking how you will proceed in this new decade.


bookcornercafe said...

Looking forward to seeing all that listed I know you can do it.


Bunnies Bridal and More said...

Wishing you the best in 2010!!

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Suz You make it sound easy......I look forward to hearing some of your "organizational" ideas as you perfect this operation!! Sounds like an ebook in the making!