Sunday, January 17, 2010

How do I regester "Jimmy the Junk Man" as a business in Ohio?

Jimmy is done! He has taken the last insult from his job. Let me explain...
This is a man who has missed 4 days of work in 8 years. He gets one of the highest wages in the place for a housekeeper. Today, he was shoved around from one job to another, sometimes BEFORE he was able to complete the last job. As a result, he was wrote up! 3 write ups and your out the door.

Jimmy has two years to go before he's fully vested in his investment plan. MTR is having financial difficulties, like so many other businesses.Several other of the older employees have quit, because they are overloading them with lots of other chores, and nit picking. It SEEMS as if MTR is trying to get rid of their oldest employees, doesn't it?

He's decided to quit and get his $9,000 he has in that account now. The bad part is, we are loosing our home (we rent). We have to store our property, which we are doing, thanks to Jimmy's sister-in-law. We still have no place to live.  MTR has cut him to part time, we now have to find some sort of efficiency apartment. I have looked and looked to no avail.

The good news is we have a plan. It involves Jimmy quitting and getting his money. We need a piece of property, about 1 acre, and a used trailer. Jimmy is well know in our area as a Junk Man". And, very well respected as a worker, as in odd jobs, hauling, cleaning up, mowing grass, lawn work, laying cement, inside work, etc.
Why Jimmy and I believe this will work...

Us together...
  • Jimmy and I work very well together.
  • We have confidence in ourselves and each other.
  • We are determined to reach our goals and live our dreams.
  • We think alike, yet septate. 
  • Respect for each other's opinion. 

  • Jimmy's reputation. 
  • Jimmy knows people who knows people.
  • Jimmy knows junk, and how to profit from it.
  • Jimmy knows how to turn a profit.
  • He is very good at bartering; which could come in really handy now days. 

Then there's me...

  • I can run the business end.
  • I know how to advertise, both online and off.
  • I know collectibles, and know how to listen to learn more.
  • I have contacts and very good friends online. 
So help me here, folks. I'm reaching out to you. I'll be needing info along with guidance  
through this process. I will probably be using the computers at the library for a while. 
Please, please tweet, re-tweet; use all the social net working at your disposal. 
I need answers, and the internet holds most of them. 

All I can offer you in return is the fact that you did a good deed for us. I have a blog, and I could also host your answers. I could advertise for you, or help in some way to make your life better.

My first question is: How do I register "Jimmy the Junk Man" as a business in Ohio?

Your support means a lot to us. Thank you for reading this. You may email me at:

Snail mail: Marshell Russell
815 Dresden Ave.
East Liverpool Ohio 43920

This address will forward to where ever we go. 


Beth Cherkowsky said...

I don't know Shell is that really the best way to go? If you were moving near family like Jimmy's kids or your daughter I could see it. But to quit a long term job? I'd stick by whatever means and get vested and then - two years from now, you might be in a position to move or buy or anything could happen in two years.

You know you can take an emergency loan from the 401K...if that's what he has.

But leaving any paying job in this economy? It's not what I'd do.

Just saying. ... You know I'm praying for you and will let know if I hear of anything. Please take care


Shell Russell said...

Nope! No taking nothing from the 401k; they keep freezing it, and make it almost impossible to borrow from. The last time we inquired, we had to belong to the bank it is in for a year. Went to the bank, it's an union bank and you have to jump through hoops and keep a balance of $100 a month... impossible for us! It's leave it or take it. NO one we know has been able to borrow!
I appreciate your loving concern.

Maria Soto Robbins said...

I don't really know anything about Ohio's laws but wouldn't it be better if he just let them fire him outright so that he can collect unemployment? I'm sorry, I can't't really think of an answer to your situation.
Best of luck!