Thursday, January 7, 2010

Why Wasn`t I Born in The Southern Part of the U.S.A.

The title of my Blog entry tells it all..

I very much dislike the Cold and Snowy New England winters.

Each cold morning I wake up to hear the furnace running I think, why couldn`t my parents have lived in Florida or New Mexico or Arizona anywhere warm, when I was born ??

I really don`t like shivering and I certainly don`t like being Cold from the tip of my nose all the way down to my toes !

Even as a child I was NOT one of those kids outside when the "white stuff " starting falling sledding down the neighborhood hills for hours.

Nor was I one of them building a snowman or snow fort to hide behind having snowball throwing wars with the rest of the neighborhood.

I was perfectly content staying in my room either listening to my staticky Transistor radio or playing my records or just reading the latest Bobbsey Twins book.

All the neighborhood kids were outside getting all wet and cold including my sisters and brother while I was nice and warm and dry inside.

Then learning how to drive in the snow WOW not fun at all.

But of course I had to do it if I wanted to go anywhere.

When I became a Mom and my boys wanted to go play in the snow, yes, I brought them to the nearest safe sledding place and enjoyed watching them having fun.

But I was NOT having fun being COLD.

To this day, I can honestly say, if I could Hibernate like a Bear from Nov 1 to March 1 I would gladly do so.

Go to sleep before the snow and cold comes and not wake up till it`s all melted away and the Temperature is above 40 degrees.

But because my family is still here in Cold CT, my children and grandchildren, and no one seems to dislike the Cold Weather as much as me, I guess I`ll just stick it out for a few more years..

I may still complain that I don`t like the Snow and Cold but they are HERE and so am I..


mylabbella said...

To make you feel better north in CT. the south is very cold at the moment. many places below your threshold of 45. Be like me and move further north, stay in and do ebay! Suz

Shell Russell said...

Hi Kathy,
Can't help you with the cold, as it's bitter here, too. BUT, I'll send you lots of hugs! Hopefully they'll help keep you warm until the spring comes...

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Oh Girl, we are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO sisters of the soul! I hate being cold too, don't even ask me about going to the grocery store at 9 PM last night cause the men used up all the fingers are still not warm and I had 2 pairs of gloves on.

But see, being born in Arizona didn't save me. My foolish parents moved back home to Philadelphia in 1950 and never left. So, despite having bought property out west in Nevade in HOT country, I'm still here freezing my patooties off too! LOL

You, me and Kat are gonna have to have a "commune" in the dessert so we can all finally get warm.


kdmoretti said...

Oh believe me Beth, if I could move to the dessert now I would ! In a Flash !!

Sushiboofay said...

LOL...lately here in the south - it has been cold too! A couple of weeks ago - it was colder here than in Anchorage, Alaska!!!