Friday, January 15, 2010

Purple Hyacinth Original Oil

Copyright 2010 Maria Soto Robbins

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My friend, Tere, just gave me this lovely hyacinth plant for my birhtday. I placed it in a weathered, old copper pot and she looks lovely and smells wonderful! I couldn't resist, I had to paint her! This is painted around the edges and doesn't really need a frame, although it would look even lovlier with one!
Damar varnished and certificate of authenticity is always provided!

Dimension: 5x7 gallery wrap canvas

Media: Oils

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Maria Soto Robbins

Miami, Fl


Shell Russell said...

Hi Maria,
I just love your art work! Thank you for sharing it:>)

Maria Soto Robbins said...

Thank you, Shell! I can always count on your nice comments!

mymomsbooks said...

Another one. Girl keep painting, love it. Suz

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Maria that hyacinth is just gorgeous!