Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The other day, Beth, the leader of our OBS group, sent us a link to another blog that had an article about what to put on your blog when you can't think of anything to write about.
While I do confess to having that problem some of the time...I usually have the reverse - where I have a lot of stuff to talk about and can't decide on just one subject.
Lately, I have been trying to decide, "what type of blog do I want to have?"
I have one that is for my photography. That one is a no-brainer. I take photos of my daily life and they go there.... Well, when I remember to take the photo that is...
I also have a couple of other ones (mostly inactive) that are for various projects I have worked on or think I will work on.
The one that I am in a quandary about though - is my Sushiboofay blog.
Initially, it was started to promote my store on eBay. Life takes a lot of funny turns though and I have closed my store and with all of the eBay changes and the turmoil in my life right now - my heart just isn't in to online selling.
Where I was going with all of this is...that if you are going to have a blog, you have to be consistent. Your readers come to you to be educated and entertained. You have to decide what you want your blog to say about you and although there is some disagreement about this --- to me, you have to make it somewhat personal.
Don't just tell me about the product you are selling, don't just educate me all the time. I want to know about YOU as the person. If you are a Mom and Pop operation - play that up. Tell me how you started your company and roadblocks you've encountered. Give me funny stories and tell me how you are frustrated, or happy, or....something! is blog,blah,blog,blah,blog.
Some will say getting personal isn't professional or businesslike. But...the bottom line you have to ask yourself about your
Is it memorable? Am I entertaining?
Will people come to me each day to see what I'm saying or am I that stuffy old professor that talks about a lot of stuff, but no one remember any of it after they've left the classroom?
Anyway, hopefully today I have entertained you and said something memorable...if not...please shut the door on your way out and I hope I have not put you to sleep in my classroom today!


Kat Simpson said...

blah, blah, blah LOL Great post, thanks for the encouragement. Trying to get my blogs set back up after losing them all!

Beth Cherkowsky said...

I love that lead-in - blah blah Blog... LOL GOOD job - and I think you're right write what you know but write is as a "person" not as a corporate entity!

Good job!

mymomsbooks said...

I always enjoy reading what you write. Keep up with your writing projects the rest of life will fall into place.