Sunday, April 18, 2010

Top Ten Tips for Going to eBay on Location

Two weeks ago I interviewed 5 people who had gone to the Atlanta eBay on Location event. Right now 4 of my friends are just home from the ECMTA Summit n Las Vegas. So what's the secret to "learning, networking and having fun" at these events?

Well this is my take from my interviews, and my experience at two eBay Live events and years of going to Toy Fair in NYC.

1.Wear comfortable shoes (and clothes)
2 Bring your camera, your flipcamera, your laptop, your netbook
2.bring extra batteries and memory for cameras/cellphones and laptops
3.depending on how long you're going to be gone, have a "designated shipper doing emergency backup substitute pinch hitter" shipping of your products
4. learn beforehand how to tweet/twitpix etc and facebook from your new droid or I-phone
5. Take business cards - LOTS of business cards
6. Take something to bring home business cards in and bring them all home. a sandwich baggie will do, just something to keep them from being lost in among the dirty socks.
7. As you collect biz cards, write on the reverse who the person is like CEO of or CEO of and any other identifying infor you need to remember who the person is (6ft tall blonde weightliftr chick will work for something things.)
8. Keep a notebook either on the computer or in your pocket and write notes to yourself - all those "money" ideas you have walking around a meeting/conference/convention hall that you definitely won't be able to remember tomorrow, let alone when you get home.

9. SLEEP - before hand, to rest up. At the location - partying all night is ok if you're 28. If you're over 30 you need some rest. Maybe not as much as this old lady but some. (heck when I was 20 I still needed 8 hrs of sleep to be able to "THINK".

10? What do you think you need (besides spending money... for food, drinks and cabs??


Beverly said...

I'm going to both eBay Radio in Vegas (June) and eBay on Location in Chicago (July) and just hope I'm not too old so I'll remember these. I'd like to add ... when you pass out your business cards give them 2 - one to keep and one for a friend.

Bob said...

I have to be honest, I don't understand the people that go to all these long-distance events, the time it takes, the costs and the energy... I understand maybe once every few years to get your batteries recharged, but after awhile it is pretty much the same old thing, maybe 1 or 2 new vendors that would be exciting, but those you can learn about without having to go to Vega or wherever. The last big one that I went to was eBay Live in Las Vegas, and yes I had a good time, but doing several of these a year??? Unless you are making a living by selling to these people going there, I guess I miss the point.... ??? Does it generate income for your eBay selling business, rarely...

mymomsbooks said...

Those of you attending listen to Beth! Than bring back info and pictures to share with all of us homebodies.
Suzanne / mymomsbooks