Friday, July 5, 2013

Something For All The Women in Your Life

"We give gifts because we wish to show appreciation for another person. It is a pity if it becomes a meaningless ritual. It is possible to ignore the commercial hype surrounding gift-giving and retain the simple joy of giving for the sake of it, whether or not you receive back or if your gift is of great monetary value. For Christians, it can be a reflection of the gift given by God to man, which is at the heart of the celebration as we know it“.I for one never buy a gift just to buy it. I try very hard to buy something I know the person will enjoy and the one thing you can buy for the Women in your life is Jewelry.
What does every woman want for Christmas ??? Diamonds , Gold !!!! Most of us can not afford that, but there are all types of beautiful Jewelry for everyone’s budget  - and that is vintage or new costume jewelry. Jewelry is a great stocking Stuffer.

 Go to and you will find jewelry that fits any pocket book. Sterling silver,Lucite, Cameo’s, Pins, bracelets and more. We have turtles, bugs, horse’s and even a cow belt buckle. My wish for you this year is health, wealth and happines and a stocking full of Bitz of Glitz
Delores, Jewelry Ring, , Costume Jewelry Collectors International

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kdmoretti said...

Excellent Delores ! Yes the TRUE meaning of Gift giving is because YOU WANT TO GIVE it..I was the recipient of a Beautiful Pink and Blue Crystal earring and bracelet set when I visited Delores in FL a few years ago and I TREASURE it for sure :-) Ladies ( and Gentlemen )reading this post, Delores has some GORGEOUS pieces available for every Woman`s pleasure. Check out her items and I`m sure you`ll find a piece that will make you as happy as I am with my Gift..

BookCornerCafe said...

I just love your post and how true about gift giving. I have a few pieces of jewelery that mean the world to me not in value but in who gave it to me and the memories.

mymomsbooks said...

Sometimes buying brand new is not as special as buying pre-treasured jewelry.
Finding something unique with history to pass on.
Not to mention another way of going green.
Delores is one Glitzy Granny!

pat said...

If you are ever in the mood to give a gift of jewelry, start with Delores!