Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree - A Memory

Thinking about Christmas, I remember 2 that touched my heart.

My first Christmas Dec 1957 with Bill as Man and Wife. I was 17 and he was 20 and we were in Bainbridge Md. At the Navy base. We lived in a very small trailer. Our first tree was about 2 feet (wooden sticks ) and had the green needles that reminds me of the green grass in an Easter basket lol. Bill made a wooden cross for the top.  The to me was the prettiest tree I had ever seen, but of course in reality it was quite ugly. But we were so happy.

Forward  to Dec 2012.  Bill has been gone 3 years by then and I still did not want to put a tree up.  My friends said I needed to make new memories.  So I agreed I did as I always loved Christmas. So I called My youngest daughter Amanda and asked if her husband and Jason could come over and put up my tree.  She was so happy I made this decision. They came over with Santa hats and Reindeer ears and big smiles.  We got out the last tree Bill saw and put up all his favorite ornament, and put his picture under the tree.  I named it PopPop's Tree and I did not cry.  I was very happy and it seemed my Christmas was now complete.
Through the years between trees we had huge trees, full trees, hundreds of lights and ornaments. Many many people around us during the holidays.  But I will never forget the little tree full of love and Daddy’s Tree.



Bev England said...

What beautiful memories to carry with you! Thanks for sharing!

freelandenterprises said...

Wonderful memories from your time starting out together and continuing on. Bill would want you to do this too. Your children were awesome in helping you create that "Special Tree" in 2012. Thanx for sharing. {{HUGS}}

PhoenixRising2000 said...

Having Bill with you in the picture is such a special way to be with him. I think there's a lot of a person in a photo. Now I'm ready to use that idea and put photos on my tree this year. Thank you for sharing this moment.

mymomsbooks said...

Dee I remember when you did this last year, loved the story then and still love it today.

Birdhouse Books said...

Delores, this is a beautiful memory! I loved reading this.