Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is it Christmas in July? Or does it last all year?

About 15 years ago I had to move
About 15 years ago I had to move (house I was renting was sold). I had a St Bernard dog. Finding a place to take my dog was not fun. Bill and Lisa let me move in and gave me the back apt so the dog could have run of the backyard.
Then in 99 I started selling on eBay (now using the name Samican2). At the time they also had a mom and pop movie store. He came home one day with a Tom Cruise movie and asked how much it would sell for on eBay. And so Video-Town (also the name of their store) came to be.
Later he found out I had a friend who worked for Playboy in their marketing dept. At the time PB had a warehouse about 4 miles from here. PB needed a liquidator ... Bill had the $$.
But things are strange. I found out afterwards that Bill and my oldest son went to school together. Bill is 1 year older than my son. Bill's best friend in HS, Bryan, (who is an owner of  Hausermann's Orchids) and my son use to break dance in HS. His friend came over to see Bill one day and stopped in to say hi to me. My son was sitting on the sofa and Bryan asked him WHAT he was doing here. John replied "It's MY mom ... What are YOU doing here" We all had a good laugh on that one
And Lisa ... well her Aunt and my mom went to grade school together. (Can you imagine 1938?)
Lisa and I both grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago .... about 2 miles away from each other (and 2 decades apart).
I went to Argo HS. Our rival was Reavis .... Lisa went to Reavis. My grandfather helped to start Reavis HS.
You never know where life will take you or the turns in getting there. But somehow the Man up above guides us in directions we never expect and ... hopefully ... it all works out. It sure did here.

Christmas in July??? Yes, but here it's all year long!




BookCornerCafe said...

You are so right Christmas in July does last all year. Great Post.

pat said...

Terrific Bev! Love hearing the background stories on how online sales came to be in our lives!

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Great Story Bev... glad you overcame the trepidation and told it!!


freelandenterprises said...

I love stories like this and so glad you posted it Bev. Ya never know what life brings us. I have all of you as friends and am dang proud to know all of you.....:-).


Kat Simpson said...

I've always loved your stories Bev! Thanks for sharing this one!

mymomsbooks said...

Bev, I never knew your history, so glad you shared!
And your saga will continue.

Birdhouse Books said...

Great post, Bev!