Saturday, July 6, 2013

Christmas In July for a Christmas Baby

Christmas in July hits closer to home for me than normal.  My birthday is on Christmas day and my entire life it has been overlooked or forgotten.  As an adult, it never really bothered me but as a child, it did.

When I worked for the City of Rocky Mount, my captain and our department within the police department, always went out to eat lunch to celebrate everyone’s birthdays. We exchanged small gifts and somebody always baked a cake.  After the first few years of our not even being at work on my birthday, another employee suggested that I celebrate my birthday on July 25 so that I would not be left out.  Even though it didn’t bother me that my birthday was overlooked,  I thought it was sweet of her to think of it and the plan was put into place.  From that year forward we celebrated my birthday on July 25 with a nice dinner out with our small but intimate group.  It was really fun to receive little gifts from everybody—something that I honestly wasn’t accustomed to—again, my mom was about the only person who remembered my birthday each year.  It was a nice and meaningful tradition that I carried into other areas of my life.  Other than on legal documents, when asked when my birthday was I always responded ‘July 25’.  It turned into a rather nice habit.

I am at the age now that I find myself begging my family and friends to forget my birthday—whether they think it’s July 25 or December 25.  My number is getting way too high....I am not aging gracefully—I’m kicking and screaming all the way. 
Those special years of dining out, receiving small gifts, a homemade cake, and celebrating my birthday on July 25 with my coworkers will always be terrific memories.  So Christmas in July has a very special meaning for me and the phrase always brings back very loving memories of my dear friends who didn’t want my birthday to be overlooked.   

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kdmoretti said...

Pat what a WONDERFUL thing for your co-workers to do for you :-) I wish my co-workers (when I had a normal job) were as thoughtful. Yes being born on Christmas Day was probably the BEST Gift your parents ever received BUT I`m sure as a child you were feeling neglected as far as Birthday Wishes went. My great niece was born on Halloween and with the Trick or Treating and stuff going on when she was younger she would feel left out by her friends who were more interested in Candy lol
GREAT Blog Happy Memories for you

Unknown said...

this touched me what wonderful friends -- and a wonderful tradition

syzygy said...

Pat, That's the best solution to a holiday birthday I've ever heard. You incidentally reminded me to get my Christmas shopping going now. Thanks,

fireangel said...

What a Neat Tradition Pat! So wonderful that your co-workers came up with that idea!

Means we ALL get to celebrate with YOU twice a year! Maybe that will help make up for some of the missed ones. :)

mymomsbooks said...

So 2 dinners a year? Girl you are very special! Course we know you are!

Birdhouse Books said...

That is a great tradition about your special Christmas in July! I enjoyed reading this!