Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Logo for our Christmas in July Promotion

Our Promotion certainly needs a logo for Christmas in July and here is it. Marion does wonderful things with graphics and always shares them with our group.

Actually she has made one for a promotion a few years ago and Beth was the one to remember that and asked her to make one for this promotion.

Marion has a way with graphics and so I just had to share this with you so as you see this during the month you will know it is our promotion.

We all use social media my favorite is Twitter but others use Facebook, Pinterest etc so you may see this logo pop up just about anywhere this month.

Just like it says the group will be running sales on both Christmas and gift items so keep an eye out for great deals this month and help us have a great Christmas in July Celebration.


Birdhouse Books said...

Love the idea of a Christmas in July promotion! I am going to schedule a promo for later this month, and will also write a blog post with pics and links.

Kat Simpson said...

Yikes! It IS time to think about CHristmas, isn't it?

mymomsbooks said...

Thank you Marion, I will putting the new logo for this years Christmas in July Sale to use.
Your the best!

BookCornerCafe said...

Love the Logo Marion and you always do such great things with graphics.

pat said...

For those of faith, Christmas in July should be celebrated just as it is in December. I need to poke myself every now and then to try to maintain the same spirit of love and joy year round, not just in December.
Great post Marion!