Thursday, October 4, 2012

Learning about FBA

I am a real Daredevil normally BUT I have always been a little afraid to try "new things" in the ecommerce world.

You see I think I have a slight learning disability because I have trouble comprehending what I read sometimes,  so trying to learn something new by reading directions can usually cause me a splitting headache and even at times a  " I quit" ATTITUDE

Well tonight was just the opposite :>)

I have been trying to learn about FBA ever since Bob Willey and Michele Fireangel Jones talked to me about it at EOL in Philadelphia which we all attended back in Sept.

I started sourcing for products right there in Philly and found several profitable items with the help of a couple more friends attending Beth Cherkowsky Danni Ackerman Kat Simpson and Carmie Docton

When EOL was over, I came back home and armed with my smartphone with the app I have shopped several times since then to acquire a "beginning inventory"

Then I dreaded the next step though. I had to "read" and "learn" what to do with my purchases

Well earlier this evening surrounded by boxes and labels and scissors and tape I started !

2 hours later and alot of "ughs"  I now have 2 large boxes ready to be shipped off tomorrow morning !

I sure hope it gets easier with each shipment :>)

But the best part of it all, I didn`t QUIT till it was done .
And the whole time my husband just smiled at me and said " You can do this Honey "

Hehhee :>) He thinks I can do ANYTHING once I set my mind to it

I guess maybe I can :>)


Birdhouse Books said...

Great work exploring FBA! I haven't looked into it yet but admire your work with it!

fireangel said...

Outstanding post! Inspirational too to the rest of us who haven't quite broken the FBA ice. Good going Kathy!

mymomsbooks said...

Kathy so happy you are learning this. You are surrounded by competent teachers. Wishing you Big Success!!!!!