Thursday, October 25, 2012

Batten down the Hatches !

Well after all it IS Hurricane season and Sandy is on it`s way toward us here on the East Coast. Right now she`s passing over Bahama and the projected path the meteorologists have made for her puts us East Coasters in the path UGH !

So for the next few days I`m sure every Grocery store and gas station on the Coast will be busy

Be sure to stock up on plenty of Batteries for the radios and flashlights in case of power outages ( unless of course you are lucky enough to have a Generator ) which I DO NOT :<(

ICE for the coolers to store frozen foods in if power is out and refrigerator isn`t running

What I do is start ahead of time and make trays and trays of ice cubes and put them in bowls in the freezer.

And if I`m fortunate enough to KEEP my power I can always use the ice cubes for something else

Bottled Water 

Make sure you have plenty of canned foods and a Hand Held Can opener

Bagged snacks are not always nutritional BUT are at least sustenance if no other non cookable food is accessible

Blankets are a must if the house is chilly and the furnace isn`t working

Buckets of water for toilet flushing unless you have a Porta Potty to use

Also the buckets of water can be used to heat some for cooking if you have a Gas stove or worse case scenario heat it on a Propane Grill if you have one ( I had to do this in 1986 when Hurricane Gloria left me without power for 9 days ! )

And if you have Furry Pets PLEASE don`t let them go outside without being on a leash especially at night when they could wander off and get hurt or lost

Batten down the Hatches East Coasters !

Stay Safe and we`ll get through this we always do :>)


Beth Cherkowsky said...

STERNO!! and camp stoves and charcoal or gas bbqs or stoves outside can be used after the storm passes or if you have a covered area like a carport or a gazebo (mine goes to the front porch)

Make sure you have cash (ATMS don't work on batteries and neither do most credit card machines in stores. )

Make sure you have a couple of days of medications for you or your animals. And cold foods like lunch meat or canned foods like Tuna etc can be lifesavers.

Bag precious photos in plastic bags that seal or tape 'em shut with packing tape or duct tape. Be sure to put a slip inside with name and address and phone number (email whatever) in case it gets blown away or floats away.

Batten down outside items like light weight chairs and that soon to be very important charcoal grill. What else did we forget ???

fireangel said...

AND to those of us who ARE lucky enough to have a generator, we need to get ready to take on the masses that need help. Whether it's heat or food storage.

Change your guest linens now, clean your guest rooms (and bathrooms!) Get rid of all that old frozen food taking up precious space in your freezers. You know that stuff you keep meaning to throw out 'cause you're never gonna eat it! Your family, friends and neighbors may need room in your freezer!

Can you tell what I'm doing at the moment? :) It's trash night here so it's the perfect opportunity before the storm comes to clean up and make room!

Get to work!

fireangel said...
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Birdhouse Books said...

Great comments! I would add:

(1) Charge cell phones in advance!

(2) Boil a big stockpot of water and keep it on the stove as extra water. Our weather events here always seem to involve boil water advisories, so I try to think in advance :-)

mymomsbooks said...

Make sure you have gas in your cars too.
Pumps may not work at gas stations.

Praying we don't get hit and praying for all that do will be safe.