Tuesday, October 23, 2012

eBay Seller Protection Team Speaks!! We should listen!

This post is really a link to Scanpower Radio on Talkshoe which normally covers FBA selling on Amazon but which yesterday (10-22-2012) hosted a call with the eBay Seller Protection Team. They were present and answered questions and took calls - including me, moaning and whining about some situations. And I have to say, they were very positive and very reaffirming to me as a veteran seller and definitely made me feel like they, at least, are listening to our problems. Check it out.. You can listen to and participate in the regular Monday program at this link - SCANPower on Talkshoe Every Monday at 2 PM ET Want to learn FBA? This is a great place to start!


BookCornerCafe said...

Great info here and good to know they are listening to us.

kdmoretti said...

Lets hope all this was not just "talk" and they will stand by us when we need them