Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What has Shell been up to? Well, let me tell you!

Hello Folks! I've been really busy with life...had the gas shut off & have to fight to get it turned back on...still fighting, but looks good. I've been reading & commenting on our local news paper, & writing, calling & generally raising Cain with our reps in Washington. No one should have to go without heat in this day & age. I've called everyone, even the PUCO...but that's for another blog post. For now, I'm winning & I'm selling...so? Wish me luck!

This created a need for immediate cash. It just so happened that in that same time frame, a friend of mine saw this cute dog sweater & wanted me to make it for her Chihuahua. 

I made it, & a blanket. She came & got it while I was gone, so I did not get pictures. Another friend saw hers & wanted one, so...yep, I decided to make a few & list them on Bonanzle. 

3 friends later & STILL no pictures of a REAL dog wearing my creations.Then, I decided to show one to my "nephew" Cesar's mommy. She loved it! (of course LOL)

Now, Cesar Romero is 7 months of the cutest Chihuahua I've seen in a long time, & he loves his aunt Shell. See the pics? That's him looking cute in his black & cream sweater.

Cesar does not mind his sweater, his mommy says it's 'cause it does not rub him under his front legs. I love them 'cause they are a snap to make, which means I can pass on some savings to my buyers. Yet, these are also completely customizable to the type/size of your pet.

I love dogs of all sizes, and most of them love me, so this is close to my heart. I'll be making all sorts of clothes for pets soon. But until then, there's the sweaters, & the blanket. See how thick it is? Yet, it's light weight & easy to wash; which makes it an excellent travel blankie!

Soon, very soon, I'll have pics of Cesar's mom & sis in their own sweaters. You'll have to go to Bonanzle to see them, though. I'll have some Christmas stuff like this set of pot holders  & Christmas sweaters. All these are customizable to your needs, too.

Now, my daughter & grand are moving, so I'll be busy packing for them. It's bitter sweet for Jimmy & I; we get more alone time, but we'll see less of Eva & Jae :>(...but, she has a good job & a chance at an even better one! Something we do NOT have in our area. )

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mymomsbooks said...

Just thinking of you the other day, wondered what you were up to. Thanks for the update. The doggie clothes are sooo cute!