Saturday, November 28, 2009

A new "DEAL of the DAY" site!, amazon's Daily Deal, ebay's Daily Deal and now . . . . . a Cow?  A Cow? Yep, a COW!  introducing . . . Matty!

THIS is Matty and Matty now brings you a Fantastic new Daily Deal Site, just in time for Christmas! So add Matty's site to your Daily Deals Checklist and Bag more Deals!

Matty's site is "More Moola Deals"

Yet another benefit of being a Member of OSI Rock Stars by Janelle Elms is participation in this new site! thanks, Janelle!


Beth Cherkowsky said...

Some great deals going there - and from there you can find Janelle's caramel store

No I'm not giving you a link - go look at the Moola Deals and then ask Matty where she hid the caramels.

Shell Russell said...

Matty's really neat; thanks for the info.