Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treating Seller Style

Happy Halloween!

I couldn’t wait for Halloween the day with all the books. NOT candy. Today is my favorite Book Sale. I wait all year for this day. I haven’t gone to many sales this year with my plentiful inventory so this is a treat.

The day started out with terrible gale winds and rain. Right off Lake Ontario and they kept up all day. (Just heard it’s raining down in Philly for the series) See this rain won’t leave all our special events. Should I also mention, Go Yankees!

I left for the sale at 8ish, had to stop at my little one man post office in Dexter, NY to mail two books from yesterday. “Travels With Charlie” and “They Came To a River” darn Post office doesn’t open till 9:00. Ok can’t wait, off to the sale to back track to mail before noon when it’s closed.

Sale starts at 9:00 and I’m running a little late, wish this wind and rain would stop. No parking spots left in front and I’m not parallel parking in an almost spot. Wait for a traffic light, park down the block in a municipal lot. Money in pocket, keys and cell in another pocket, purse locked in the trunk. Lug back up to library. I’m a little further back than usual. About body number 25. I see some familiar faces, checking to see who’s a seller and who’s a shopper. Then there are those people who budge. Guy behind me said "they need a book of etiquette", I agreed because I’m not that close.either. Twenty minutes to wait and counting. The wind has umbrellas turning inside out. Yeah, we are in! I can’t believe some people actually stopped to hang up their coats, no sense of urgency. Better for me!

I head for the children’s room with my two big canvas boat bags. It didn’t even take an hour to fill them. Sat in the corner on the floor to reevaluate my finds, removed a few, repacked the bags and wondered if I could lift them and make it to the car. What a deal all books are .25 cents. I spent $13.50. They had cd’s, dvds, and more. I stuck to books. Think I found a few goodies I always do. One year I bought a Hobbit book and sold it for over 600.00. So do I love this sale?

The sale is at the Flower Memorial Library in Watertown NY. This is the most elegant building I think I have ever been in. Marble everywhere you look, winding staircase, balconies over looking the rotunda. They remolded it a few years ago and kept the original grandeur.

There are books in every room, basement upstairs on the floors in all the halls, 100’s of thousands of books. The sale goes on for two weeks. Each day prices go lower till bag sale for a $1.00 in the end. I hope to get back one more time.

I came home after the post office stop. I listed 34 books, with scanned pictures. You can find them in my Ebay store,

Amazon, Alibris and a few other places on the web.

Still raining and windy a perfect Halloween for me.


Deb said...


You did great and loved hearing about your book sale adventure. I would love to see that building full of books and glad to hear you came home with some goodies.


Earboysmommy said...

Wow, .25 cent books, unheard of in my neck of the woods. Sounds like you did great and was well worth the effort despite the horrible weather. Thanks for sharing this hunting adventure; always the best part of bookselling. Pam

Shell Russell said...

Hi Suz! I LOVE old buildings & BOOKS! I'm almost jealous LOL! Most of our book sales around here are anywhere from 10 cents to 2 dollars a book; depends on who has the sale. We used to have a few good ones, but now it's just mainly yard sales & of course, Goodwill. I can get children's books at goodwill for a quarter, adult hard backs are 2 dollars & adult & teen paperbacks are 75 cents. I LOVE it when they have a sale.

kdmoretti said...

Great Job both on the blog AND the Sale..I wish I had enough knowledge of books to do this. The 2 sales I went to I ended up with .50 Yard Sale books Ugh.. No more for me


Beth Cherkowsky said...

Oh Suz, I think next time they ahve a sale you should warn us ahead of time and then prepare for 10 more houseguests.LOL

The central building in Phila of the PHILA FREE LIBRARY is like what you described. Just gorgeous - of course there are roof leaks and short staff cause the Phila gov't is broke but the building was gorgeous when I was growing up.And I still love going there. Worth a train trip for me! (no sale though normally).

Good job- great story. Happy hunting next time!