Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Leaf Blowing Blues

Well Fall is here and of course I know why they call it FALL.
Every leaf from every tree in the neighborhood seems to FALL and find it`s way into MY Yard !

I only have a 3/4 acre but every blasted inch of it is covered with leaves from Maple Trees, Oak Trees and every tall piece of Bark within 1/2 mile from me I swear it`s True.

So today, since it`s about 45 -50 degrees here in Eastern Ct where I live, and NOT raining, I decided it was time to get rid of the mess out there.

So I go out to the Garage to get the Leaf Blower/Vacuum Mulcher that I bought 10 years ago when we bought the house.

Now, every Fall for 10 years, the old Black & Decker has served me well. It has the Bag with a shoulder strap that catches all the chopped up leaves after I Vacuum them up.
When it`s Full I then empty them into a Large Compost area down in the corner of the Back Yard that we`ve been filling for the Garden area.

So I`ve got the machine ready and now I have to get the 75 foot extension cord out.

Now I don`t know how many times I`ve asked my husband to please leave my Gardening/Landscaping tools alone .

I, By My Choice, do all the Landscaping here.

I have all my equiptment in one area of the garage so I know right where to find them.


I guess he needed one of the Cords for the Halloween displays and lo and behold did he put it back where he found it ? NO of course NOT !

Now I waste 10 more minutes looking for the Darned extension Cord.

Finally find it, down in the basement ?? Why was it there.. Only he knows..

Ok so I`ve got the cord, bring it outside, plug in the Machine and NOTHING !!!

It`s DEAD! Ugh! Now I start messing with the switch, and checking the plug, and changing extension Cords to NO AVAIL.. :<(

So I`m staring at a Yard Full of Leaves, and a Leaf Blower gone to Landscaping Heaven..

So the only solution is to get in my Car and head to Home Depot to hopefully find a new Machine.

Well this is the only Good Part of the whole day so far.
Well except for the part that I woke up this morning to see my Darling husbands smiling face, which meant we are still alive !!

So I go into Home Depot and right as you enter the Store, there is a Big Display of TORO Leaf Blower/Mulchers and they are ON SALE !

So I load one into my Cart, head for the Checkout line and , it gets even BETTER now.
There`s a Sign at the Check out area that says

"From Now until 11/11/09 (which is Veterans Day ) 10% Discount for All Military including Retiree`s on all purchases

Now I`m even happier for 2 reasons. 1) Sale Price & 2) a Military Discount.

See alot of stores and Businesses around here give Military discounts BUT usually it`s ONLY for Active Duty and NOT Retiree`s.

My husband is a 22 Year Navy Veteran

So I get my New Leaf Machine, saved some Money and I`m happily back in my Car to head back home and start the miserable job of cleaning the mess up.

I get back to the house, bring the box in, and found out my Sweet Husband had made a Fresh Pot of Coffee for me, and gone down the street to the Bakery to buy me a "I`m Sorry" Gift (cuz he misplaced my extension cord) of a Delicious Cinnamon Nut Coffee Cake.

He poured me a Big Mug of Coffee, Cut a Big Chunk of Cake for both of us, told me to sit down on the Couch and ENJOY !

And that`s where I still am right NOW LOL

Maybe I`ll start the Leaf mess tomorrow !!


Earboysmommy said...

We have fruitless Mulberrys so we commiserate with you on the huge clean-up. Isn't it great that stores honor our military? I wish they all did. Where would we be without our faithful military personnel? Give hubby our thanks.

mymomsbooks said...

Kathy, did you have to remind me? Have almost 2 acres of those darn leaves to pick up. As I sit and look at the lake, have coffee 3 hours away! It's warm and sunny there today enjoy your new toy and let hubby keep coffee flowing on a beautiful fall day. Suz

Beth Cherkowsky said...

At least you have a leaf vacuum- we have itchy balls (aka oh ok I forget what kind of tree but it seeds with "itchy balls")

So no vacuuming for me...oh and 2 Empress trees with PODS...

So I have a rake and a pooperscooper... (that's how I pick them up and put them in the bag which my trash company hauls away. I've got so much stinking mulch here EVERYTHING grows...can't afford to make it any richer or I'm going to have to hire Paul Bunyan to log it for me. LOL - oh and the neighbor has a 75 ft tall Oak...where do you think her leaves are???

Beth (to bad we can't sell them)

kdmoretti said...

Beth - If I could bag them up and sell them I`d be a Very Rich Woman every FALL !

Suz - The coffee kept flowing most of the day Mmmmm. Ahhhh.

Pam - The Military Discount at most stores is a Huge Help. And I did Thank him for you :>)