Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why wait?

I know you've heard it before, but what are you waiting for? Why haven't you made your appointment? The one you've been putting off because you're scared or you think it's too uncomfortable, or maybe it's too embarrassing. I'm talking about the appointment for your mammogram.

The mammogram is helping to lower the number of women who die from this most common form of cancer in women every year. It only takes a few minutes out of your life and it could add years to your life if you have cancer and it's detected early. Early detection is crucial to having a better cure rate.

If you don't have medical insurance and can't afford a screening, there are organizations that will help with low cost or free mammograms. You can go to the American Cancer Society website at http://www.cancer.org/ or call the National Cancer Institute at 1-800-4-Cancer to find organizations in your area that may be able to help. There is also a large list of helpful sites to look for a free mammogram at the Health Central free mammogram page at http://tinyurl.com/yzo9ay9

One of the organizations that does a lot to promote awareness and help fund research for breast cancer is the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. You can visit this website at http://ww5.komen.org/ It is also one of the sources that you can look for a free mammogram.

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a group of online sellers have banded together to help this cause with a Bling My Bra Campaign to raise money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation. They are auctioning off fantasy bras on ebay and 100% of the profits go to this worthy foundation. You can see these unique and one of a kind bras at http://tinyurl.com/yh3kz94 or you can go to http://www.depressionglasswarehouse.com/ and look for the Bling My Bra category on the left-hand side of the page.

Whatever you do, don't wait to make an appointment for your mammogram. Your family needs you; do it now while it's on your mind. Don't wait until you have symptoms, many times there are no signs of a problem until your cancer is advanced. Don't be a statistic, be a survivor. Pick up that phone now and make that appointment!


Art-by-MSR said...

Thanks for that! I really need to make that appointment myself...you gave me the kick in the pants I needed!


kdmoretti said...

Great Informational Blog Pam. As I write this I just got home from having my annual Mammogram. 2 family members had Breast Cancer Aunt and Baby Sister and several of my bowling friends are going through chemo treatments NOW so I will be more Vigilant about making sure I go EVERY Year now.
Which was MORE incentive to participate in the Bling My Bra Campaign


Jimmy and Shell said...

This is a very good blog post. Thank you for such informative information; it is very timely for a lot of folks who are out of work & might not be able to afford their yearly mammogram. Statistic say that in a economic downturn, we tend to cut out the "preventative" part of our health care. Which is why so many folks end up sick.

Beth Cherkowsky said...

Great post Pam- and TRULY important point - Breast cancer can be caught early and removed or contained. But not without a mammogram. I'm not a fan of this campaign slogan - it's alittle to "raunchy" for this old lady but it's definitely short, sweet and to the point - Feel your Boobies!

well, do that and then go get them scoped.

Now when something can be done.

Maybe I will just remind you everymonth til you do.