Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How Do You Manange Your Time?

The world of online selling today is quite a challenge for most sellers. Years ago when online selling was new things seemed so easy. You signed up to sell and then made a listing and sold your item. Those days seem to be over now and selling is much more complicated and there is also much more competition. The selling world today is not necessarily bad just different and it takes a different approach to make money. The other thing today is all the social networking that is around and also is needed to help sell your items. Twitter and Facebook are two that come to mind but there are many others. The time spent on these sites can both help sell your items and take up valuable time you could spend listing. I think today it is a trade off and each of us has to decide how to manage our time. The other key to all of this is finding some kind of balance in your life on the computer and your life outside of the computer. I do believe we all need some kind of balance there but that is an individual choice.

I am also part of a wonderful yahoo group of dedicated sellers that help each other deal with the every day life of selling online. I keep saying online selling since today there are so many places to sell. I have started my own website which I am just starting to work on Book Corner Cafe

There are also 2 great online selling resource sites that have helped me so much with focus and also learning and they can be found at Web Sellers' Circle and OSI Rock Stars.

I think the most important thing we each learn is how to find the balance and time that works for each of us.

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Jimmy and Shell said...

Hello my friend! Your website is beautiful; the layout, the color, your doing a great job!
You are so right, time management is the most important thing we NEED to learn. Thanks for the great links!