Sunday, October 18, 2009

Around & around we go, where it stops, nobody knows!

I feel like I'm in a whirligig! First, we are moving in this house, out of those confining apartments; now, a friend has offered us a piece of property, and another lady is giving us a trailer! So, it's sort, toss, pack...eBay! I need MONEY! What better way to get it?

I started to sell, but got sidetracked. A friend saw this pattern for a doggy sweater. She knew I could crochet, so she bought me the pattern. I made it for her, she paid me, and sent me some more buyers! I have an order for a plush pet blanket.See pic...

Now, I know the picture is bad, & that AIN'T no REAL puppy, but you can at least get an idea of what I'm doing. I'm not allowed to have a pet here, (another reason to get our own place), so I had to improvise. ;>)

The sweater goes around the front and snaps or buttons or Velcro's across the chest, and also under the ribs. The blanket is made by crochet . VERY plush! These would also make great lap blankets, baby pads, etc. with just a little alteration.

So, I have been crocheting my little heart out the past few days. And, you know WHAT? A lot of my friends want me to sell these, talk about a turn around! They used to say I was wasting my time.

As soon as I get a good pic of this sweater ( the one here is mine to sell; I have to go to her house to take a picture of the one on her dog)  on her dog, or find a stuffed animal the size of a small dog, I'll be posting these for sale. I will be getting a stuffed animal for a model for now...
The blanket will be for sale soon, too.

Just got done talking to my daughter. Seems some folks in PA liked the hat & scarves I made, & she's getting orders as I write this.

So folks, be looking on eBay for auctions by jimmyorshell. All you gotta do to find us is go to community, click the link, type in our name and follow the rest of the instructions. Easy & fun!

Let me know here what you think of my making & selling pet clothing & blankets. Your comments are always valuable to me. Speaking of valuable...our bra for the bling my bra campaign on eBay sold! However, it's not over by a long shot. To see the hottest bras being auctioned, you can go here: 100% of the proceeds are donated to  Breast cancer research...


mymomsbooks said...

Just last night I was thinking about you. Wondered why you haven't posted lately. Ahhh now I know why. Good luck with your new projects, remember Etsey when selling. Suz

BookCornerCafe said...


So glad to see you finding a niche and people love to buy things for their "babies". I second the comment about Etsy and you might really check to see how sales are for these items on both Ebay and Etsy before listing. You know I always wish you all the best in whatever you sell.


Beth Cherkowsky said...

Shell, I Knew one person online who was making a living making pet clothes, especially at this time of year! and I think the idea of crochetting other things for sale is excellent. (hats, gloves and scarves come to mind!)

Go for it girl!! Don't work too hard now, we need our Shell.

Art-by-MSR said...

Etsy would be a good venue for these items! At 20 cents a listing, it's pretty inexpensive.

Good luck!