Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Featured "Seller" of the Day- Lattegirltoo

  I've been supposed to be doing these blogs for about 2 weeks and I just couldn't "get started" but today I was reading a very inspiration email from this seller, and I wanted to "introduce" you to her.

This woman joined my yahoo group about 2 years ago...and WHAT A WOMAN! She immigrated here as an adult and has built a wonderful life for herself and her family thru her efforts and her husband's.  She's the mom to three adorable kids (I've seen pictures...they are gorgeous kids).  Here's the "interview" I did with her about 2 weeks ago.

1. I am not expert in particular area. I like branching into new categories because in the process as I educate myself and that's it's just like another dimension opens up for me.

2. I've been selling online since 2001 and adore every minute for me. It's so thrilling for me, that I cannot call it a business. It's just gives me too much fun. researching & learning about new things gives me as much thrill as making a profit.

3. For me being able to immigrate to this country, start a new life and being fully accepted by fellow Americans, that's the lottery I always wanted to win. And I did. I will never stop struggling with the question - why me?

Why was I able to escape without being caught and thrown in jail like other desperate people?

When I sat on a lounge chair in Mexico behind rope fence and watched the vendors carry literally their whole store on their backs, I was thinking this could have been me, how come I am so fortunate and these people barely make $50 a day?

When I see my classmates moms dying and leaving small kids behind ( this October & November we lost 2 moms due to breast cancer) I think - this could have been me.

Have a great weekend, Beth!

Let me tell you, Katarina has earned her spot on the beach. She made adorable bras for both BLINGMYBRA campaigns on eBay and she's a RESEARCH FIEND!  She finds the Best examples of things.

But check out some of her items: ok but THIS is my favorite one...
Slovak Coffee

This is soooo yummy!! Don't buy it all, leave one more for me... LOL

The woman's fashion sense is totally awesome, very European and tasteful this... Italain Leather Bucket Bag style purse.

I like this too - not that it would fit ONE leg... but it's adorable  Ladies Blanket Dress

But she also sells some "little things"...Like this page of toys Very Desperate Housewife's Collectible Toys


kdmoretti said...

Katarina is One smart lady and does extremely well when searching out a "goodie" for resale. I wish I had 1/4 of her memory storage for items to watch for.

Great Blog Beth !

pat said...

Katarina is an inspiration to me. She has conquered so much in such a short period of time. Not only am I proud to be her friend, I'm proud to share my country with her!
Terrific blog Beth...and keep up the great work Katarina!!

Beverly said...

This woman knows how to make anything stupid simple. When she tells you something - LISTEN! She knows what she's talking about.

Birdhouse Books said...

Katarina is a great seller, and such a nice person too. Great article, Beth!!

mymomsbooks said...

Beth you portrayed Katarina to a T! She is a true American success story. Katarina I value the honor to know you. You also have exquisite taste and a good eye for deals. Buyers you will never be disappointed with this "desperate housewife"