Thursday, November 18, 2010

Looking up AGain

Just a quickie supplement to the "LOOK UP!" theme -

I had a mentor tell me repeatedly, about shopping in antique shops, to look up, look down and look with that in mind - LOOK UP! then look down and go outside and look around - it is a pretty time of the year ---
This is my breakfast companion...sometimes lunch too - he's actually on "Lookout Duty" right here

This is the "small" tree across the street - it is at least 75 feet tall

This is the shopping center at the end of the street -

And this and down below is where all the leaves  around here go to die....
HAVE A GREAT DAY  - See  you later!

1 comment:

Sushiboofay said...

Our squirrel population is dwindling here because the cats keep getting them. :(

Fortunately, the squirrels are quick learners and I'm seeing more nests further out in the pasture!