Saturday, June 6, 2009

I was going to list these Pretty Crystal Champagne Flutes in my ebay store last week but I can`t seem to be able to ID the Maker of them. And as we all know if you more bids and want higher bids you really need a good description of the item you are selling.

So I thought if I could write about them maybe someone who reads this blog can identify them for me.

They are about 7.5" High total with the stem being 3.5" and 2" in Diameter

As you can see in the picture there are 4 Petal shaped Markings at the Base of the Stem. At the top of the stem, base of the flute, there is a "knobbed" ring for better words to describe it.

The stem itself is ridged as is the Flute .

Dar, our Glass Guru at

has suggested that perhaps they were made by a France Company.

I have had no luck tracking down a Maker though..

So, if you are reading this Blog and have any idea who made these, or can send me in the right direction to look somewhere for them I would appreciate it very much. is where I can be reached

Thanks :>)


Sushiboofay said...

Have you tried and searched for them by description?

Good luck!

Jimmy and Marshell said...

Hi Kathy! Interesting delima! I'll twitter never know!