Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Busy Day in the Moretti Household

Well Donald is feeling pretty good today and not requiring alot of Nursemaiding so I got busy today re arranging my totes of Blanket Fabric.

I had them at 1 time anyway all sorted and catagorized according to what they were for..

Disney Fabrics - Non Disney Children`s Fabrics - Adult Designs - Flannel Prints - Flannel Solids - Cotton Solids and Pillow Panels

Well being as how I am Lazy sometimes, when buying new Fabrics I would just put the bag of New Stash inside any of the totes that were close enough and handy to reach.. Ha ! None of them are easy to reach considering as many of them there are now. 10 at last count here in this one 10 x 12 room.

Which also is home to my Computer Desk which takes up 1 whole wall and my sewing machine Cabinet and Filing Cabinet which takes up the other wall.

Plus all my ebay stuff which is boxed up and lined up against the 3 rd Wall

This really doesn`t leave me alot of room to move around in here so tackling a project like todays was a Major one..

So here I go emptying 1 Tote at a time and piling all the fabric onto the computer chair so I can sort it all out and repack what belongs in the Properly Labeled Tote.

Will I get it all done by tonight ????

I hope so.. Wish me Luck !

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Jimmy and Marshell said...

I'm a little late...but Good luck!