Sunday, June 28, 2009

I took the plunge!

No, I did not go swimming; I'm opening an Auctiva Merchant Store! I'm not up and running yet. Probably Wednesday, July 1, 2009... I took advantage of the 30 days free.

The dashboard is very interactive. The first one welcomes you. It has a store set up wizard you can use to get your feet wet...or set up your entire store!

The next block is an announcement board. So far they are announcing features and fixes. Then there are graphs for you to track sales and the popularity of your items. Hot buttons : add shipping;add items and recent orders.

Tere is a link for help and support. I followed the link and I'm impressed. They ask for your email address and store domain. Then there is a drop down box for the reason. There are 16 things on this, and it includes an "other" for anything not on this list. They want a one line description of your problem. Also asks what browser you use, this is a drop down box with 11 browsers and one space for "other".

Then they ask for a complete description of your problem. The last question: Is there a URL involved in your question and/or problem?...and of course a place to put it. Like I said, I'm impressed. This seems more thorough than other "request help" forms I've run into in the past.

You have an order summery box which includes payment pending, shipment pending, completed, problem, cancelled, and fraud....this goes back 90 days.

At the very bottom of your dashboard is a box that says user status.

There is a place for inventory; marketing; reports; store; and administration. It looks like it will be a lot of fun! A soon as I'm up and running I'll be back to give another report. Off to "play"!



Beth Cherkowsky said...

OH SHELL! Good deal - let me know what you think of it. I found it confusing.

Beth Cherkowsky

Sushiboofay said...

LOL, and I just left Auctiva for I have to see about THEIR merchant store... OY!