Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I feel gooood! Like I knew I could...

Hello Folks!

How do YOU feel today? I feel great! Why? You see, I am one of the most blessed persons on the Internet today. Hows come, you ask? Did I win the lottery? NO! I'm blessed with great friends,a wonderful, loving family, and a HOUSE!A real, honest to goodness house. NOT that dreary, stinky, old apartment building.

So, today, I want to show you my home, and some of my other stuff I'm blessed with; as well as introduce you to a few of my friends. I belong to a great group on Yahoo. It's called "Onlinebusinesssuccess" or, OBS for short. If you go to eBay and type in OBS, you'll find some of my friends products will come up.

Speaking of eBay, were going to have an auction! We changed our eBay seller ID to JimmyorShell...we wanted to make it easier to remember. Now, to the auction. I found a piece of EAPG ( Early American Pattern Glass) and I'm going to auction it off. Here is a link to our blog. It tells all: http://jimmyandmarshell.blogspot.com/.

Now, my friends, I have set up my pics in photobucket. I made you all a slide show ...you'll see things that make me happy. There Jimmy on the porch, my flowers,OK go look!

You all know I love to take pictures. So as your looking through my pic, notice the ones that are marked ZAZZLE...

Zazzle is a place where you can take your art and put it on shirts, hats...all kinds of "stuff" and sell it on the site. They (Zazzle) does the work for you, and you make commissions. Follow the click able link to see my store; you can find out more there.

As I said, I'm blessed with many friends. I want to mention two of those friends now...Dar, The Glass Guru...take a bow! You deserve it. This woman is one of the most giving persons on the face of this earth, and yes, I am Blessed to have her as a friend.

The second blessing in my life is a lady by the name of Beth Cherkowsky. Now, let me tell you what a blessing this lady has been ,and is to me. She invited me into her fold ( group). I owe my life today to her. I was floating around the Internet; now, because of Beth, and all my friends on OBS, I am grounded. I know where I'm going and how I intend to get there. My friend Beth won a website. It's set up, and she is in the process of filling it with all kinds of eye candy...Antique Daze will be the place to shop, so, go look!

Now, I have a challenge for you...what do you consider a blessing(s) in your life? Can you name one thing? Or several? Can you post one blessing in your life here? Come on folks! You know you want to feel as good as I do!

Have a great day and many blessings,


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