Friday, November 28, 2008

The Thanksgiving Calamity

this is the story of a real family  . . . . . although names have been changed to protect the . . . not-so-innocent. Once upon a time "Daughter-Who-Still-Lives-At-Home" came back to tell "The Mama" that she decided to clean the oven on the Day Before Thanksgiving. TM saluted her ingenuity and said Thank you. Later, DWSLAT came back to see TM and told her that the oven wouldn't open once the cleaning cycle ended. TM calmly told DWSLAT to wait and the oven would open once the temperature got low enough and not to do anything. As DWSLAT stood in TM's office door, shuffling her feet, TM became worried and asked as calmly as possible, 'Dear (or something like that) What Did you Do?' to which DWSLAT replied 'I was worried so I asked 'Friend-Who-Might-As-Well-Be-Living-Here' to get it open. TM, as she buried her head in her hands asked slightly LESS calmly, 'Are you telling me that you had FWMAWBLH force open the latch?' and of course DWSLAT replied in a squeaky voice, 'yes'.  At this point, TM decided the best course of action was to _calmly_ wait. So as TM tried lamaze Breathing and Meditation, we all waited, and waited, and waited. But it was no use - the oven was broken. The door would not open . . . . So, The-Husband-Who-Wanted-Thanksgiving-To-Be-Perfect and DWSLAT went to the local Wal-mart (thank G** for Wal-mart!) to purchase a large toaster oven and the Son-Who-Is-charming-but-A-Slob was sent to the shed to bring in the electric roasting oven. All was well and things were cooking along. TM was working her 'calm' magic over the house (if you want details of this chant, email me privately),  THWWTTBP was working hard on all those perfect dishes fitting into the tiny pans the fit into the toaster oven, DWSLAT was helping out and doing lots of 'grunt work' for us all, the Son-Who-Loves-Google was searching for a solution to our problem through Google and Son-Who-Is-A-Hermit was in his room (as usual) with his one and only true love (his computer). Suddenly DWSLAH had a thought (The Thanksgiving MIRACLE has occurred!) and took a knife to try and dislodge the broken latch. WALA, it worked! and the story, of course, had a Happy Ending. So, Calamity or not, have a great Day After Thanksgiving and remember to laugh every day - even if at yourself :) 

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