Monday, December 1, 2008

A Day in the Life of the "Listing Queen"

MOTIVATION is everything, right? So, some friends and I decided to have monthly contests and declare a 'Listing Queen' each month (this was BEFORE we had a few token (LOL) Male members). THIS is the crown and this is a day in the life of the Current Full-Time (we have different divisions in our contests!) Listing Queen!

the first Photo shows our Beautiful Listing Queen at the latest James Bond Flick with her dearly beloved celebrating date night!

And here is our Busy (body) Queen chairing a meeting of the local Online Sellers in Colorado Springs - looks like she means business with that sceptor, er club.

Here she is diving into today's incoming mail pile - what is that saying about a messy desk?  

Now, here she is in all her glory trying on the royal crown and sceptor for size - Look out world!

Wanna join the contest?  Email for details and YOU could win this fabulous crown for your very own (well, for a month, anyway!)

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