Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Are you an ebay seller? Do you use the GBSC?

Well, if you too are a ebay seller, you have probably been using the GBSC? (it's like the "Easy" button from Staples but for ebay sellers and for people with online stores. ).

It ain't working. It's been brought to my attention, after much complaining to my one remaining contact at eBay, that the GBSC aka The Googlebase Store Connector, "scrapes" your listings from eBay's website. And consequently, if you use calculated shipping, about 25 % up to 50 or 100% of your listings are probably conking out.

Why you ask? (well, you did right?)

It's because the GBSC is not integrated into the eBay API. The better method is to make a manual feed, using the feed url supplied by ebay on your "MANAGE MY STORE" page. That' works 75% of the time or more.

So go copy your url (the one that ends in .xml and says it's for Googlebase) and go set up your googlebase feed. Try it, you'll like it.

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