Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sales Tanked and Time to find a bigger hole.......

Just like the title says....sales have tanked....I am used to getting at least one sale a day, most days more.....but, googlebase store connector has been we all know that makes a huge difference in our sales...I had only speculated before how much it was helping and hit that button each time I listed. Now I am pretty sure it was what was helping my sales. How could I not? Nothing has sold since it went you think they are in a hurry to fix it? Heck no..I think they are like our know the ones..they say they will fix something that is broke around the house..we all know men dont ask for directions, but we know they ALL think they are handymen too!! NOT!!
We wait and wait and finally learn to do it ourselves or we end up calling in those professionals who advertise in the yellow pages!
Now for the bigger hole group knows what this means...we wont go into it further in case someone else does not understand that its a joke...well its meant to be...some days!
The economy isnt doing real well right now, our 401 k's are being drained, we dont have enough money to pay all the use ebay sales and my paypal account! Now my dear hubby knows this and enjoys spending it to buy beer, or anything else he might need..or I pay bills with it...
Now knowing that he enjoys this benefit, you would think he would support the time and effort it takes to list on ebay...I mainly sell, I have to take fantastic pictures so my buyers can see just how wonderful it is without holding it in their hands...they appreciate the time I take..and it does take time..sometimes 200 photos of one piece..and then there is the time it takes to measure and describe it..we all know, buying on ebay that we have to make our listings the very best they can takes time..
Then there is the time I am taking to learn how to use Auctiva..its free..right now, free is good!
But no............dear hubby does not appreciate the time taken..always complains that I am selling our life away...does he not know where that beer money comes from? I think in the back of his mind he does, but does he think that money just appears there as if by magic?? Some days ..yes..I think he does....others he just complains that not only am I listing all day..his comments of" I only see the back of your head while you are on the computer!" Well........someone has to do does not do itself!!
So, then we just ignore each other or get into an argument with me explaining for the hundredth time that the paypal money he so enjoys being there is because he sees the back of my head when I am listing.......
Time to find a bigger hole ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Way past time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know what I mean!! Wink! Wink!

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Beth Cherkowsky said...

It was a joke?? I have the SUV pack with the hole digger and the sewer pipe, the map to the rest of the group's house and you were joking?

Oh well, come to my house. I ain't joking much. I wonder if we could sink the menfolk in the hole in the ebay sales??? They'd fall forever!!