Wednesday, August 6, 2014

we are in the summer duldrums for many people, some people are talking about sales slowing down with the heat of Summer.  Mine are however, going up nicely!  (I am glad)
My Amazon FBA business is doing fantastic.

And I have a very busy schedule come up.
I am speaking at SCOE/Seattle next week
"Sourcing for Amazon & FBA"
along with many others, like Skip McGrath & Kat Simpson who will also having speaking sessions.

After that the first week of September I will be speaking at CES/Dallas   Consult Expand & Sell by Jim Cockrum
You can see the Live Streaming here:

About 500 people will be descending on Dallas for this event, and tickets sold out withing 24 hours, just WOW!!!
And a fantastic group of people to network with.
I am really excited.

Now to keep my business going and growing with all of this going on...  Will be a challenge.

And of course my Seller Coaching is growing and keeping me very busy.

Deep breath, and continue forward!!

Bob Willey
Here is my YahooGroup FBAForum with over 5,000 members strong and over 6 years old.

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Beth Cherkowsky said...

Wish I could make it to SCOE and/or CES Bob. May be next time.

Please do post your thoughts after you come back ok?