Saturday, August 2, 2014

Back To School Already ??

Just in passing conversation the other day with some on line friends, I realized that other parts of the country  ( I`m on the East Coast ) start the new school year very soon like within 1 week..

And to think I used to complain when I was in school ( many many years ago ) that the school year started right after the Labor Day weekend was over

I can remember the last picnics and BBQ`s of the summer being sort of meloncholy because it meant early to bed nights, homework and very early mornings to get ready for school

For me anyway the BEST thing about the new school year meant seeing friends that I haven`t seen since the end of the previous school year and being 1 step closer to graduating :-)

This new school year is Special to me though because my oldest Granddaughter is NOW a Senior in high school and will be graduating in June and headed for college to pursue a degree in Music and Journalism ( at least that`s what she says she wants to do lol, )

So as we close out the summer and hit the stores for Back To School Clothes and shoes and bookbags and essentials for the new year, if you are looking for bargains on jeans or shoes take a peek at my ebay store

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Happy Shopping :-)


mymomsbooks said...

so true my friend..always hard to think of school shopping in August summer days.

BookCornerCafe said...

I agree we always went school shopping in August. You have some great back to school items.

Patricia Brown said...

Love your thoughts! I never started back to school until after Labor Day either. We had farm crops that had to be gotten out of the fields first--that always took priority.

Birdhouse Books said...
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Birdhouse Books said...

Great post! I agree with you. When I was growing up, school ran from Labor Day to Memorial Day.