Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hey Folks long time no see

Hey Folks long time no see... jimmyorshell might not be selling on eBay right now but we ARE selling local. That means finding stuff :-O MY favorite part. I went to Good Will & found 4 cobalt blue Libbys 12 oz drink glasses. This my fav color...especially in glass. They are nice & heavy so we are using them. I paid .39 ea!

Sheldon found a Shawnee pottery ashtray - flea bite on tip. Called "The Flight" in turquoise w/gold. It was in a box set out for the trash.

Jimmy cleaned out a basement & got drills, a quick start & assorted power tools. Quite a haul isnt it? What have you found & where is it listed?...Or hidden? We wont tell! Shell

(Shell's been gone awhile and we miss her but she's sort of back using her cellphone - you can say hi on Facebook. O!! BTW she and Jimmy made it legal so she's now Shell Wooley! CONGRATULATIONS MR & MRS WOOLEY!! now try to beat me and Chuck - we're at 35.5 years and holding!!

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Shell Wooley said...

LOL! Thank you Beth, for all you have done. As far as me and Jimmy, I know we will be together 'till the end of time...