Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Podcast on FBA?? What do you think?

Well, this is great news.

Kat & Karen have told us that the recent FBA Podcast on EComm Connections was the most downloaded. Woo Hoo!!

There have been requests for more Podcasts on FBA, so what do you think?

What areas do you think should be covered?
We have done two Podcasts covering mostly the "Why should I do FBA",
so what should be next?

Maybe we (Bob Willey & Chris Green) could do a monthly Podcast if there is enough interest.

It is up to you.

Here is the link to the other PodCasts:

Check for 4/4/2011 & 3/7/2011

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We also discussed FBAPower & FBAScout (now available on Android & iPhone!!)
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Here is my YahooGroup called BookSellersFBA, free great group of people,
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