Thursday, September 2, 2010

Shipping Dilemmas? Solved!

Every online seller has parts of their job they love to do and other parts are a chore. Most love to shop for products, the thrill of a great find equals Christmas morning.

Taking the pictures isn't to bad with the right camera and location / lighting. Sometimes there is some prep though before we get to this step. Like cleaning and removing stickers. There are many products for that chore too. You may want to chime in and share in the comment section.

Step 3 is listing the item, not to bad when you are organized with a listing tool or a template to cut down on steps. Feel free to comment on your "Tool of Choice". Me, I like Turbo Lister and Art of Books, all with my templates set up.

Now your item has sold for big bucks! Back to the Christmas morning feeling. So how do you pack your item? This is the good part... I just found the tool of my dreams. It's a box sizer to make boxes fit your item with out stuffing them with unneeded filler. You can save a bit on weight but best of all it's so neat and compact when your done. It's so easy, I'm hooked.

They also have a hands on demo on You Tube

Thank You Bubblefast, Mark and Robin Le Vine, your company rocks with all your fine shipping products, they have it all.. No more shipping dilemmas!


Beth Cherkowsky said...

I use goo gone and mayonaisse to remove stickers from non-porous surfaces, the blog dryer from some things where the first two would leave a stain, a craft knife on some things. And prayer for some. LOL

And I too love Turbolister and TheArtofBooks but have tried a few others. I must not be smart enough for them. Cause they made more work than they saved and the slowed me down. I'm a whiz on TL though...

Let's here some more recommendations. (and I love the box sizer idea. ) GOOD tool Mark and Robin BUBBLEFAST (and their newsletter rocks too!)

mymomsbooks said...

Oh I love this sizer so much I need to get another. I sell from 2 locations. Brought this one with me. That's not smart biz, need to have everything I need in both places. Always looking for ways to make the job I love easier.
I forgot to mention newsletter and points you get shopping their site.
Another good cleaner are the dry erase sponges too!

This blog topic could go on forever, do ya think?

nicaluck said...

Good overview blog Suz. And good remarks too Beth. I am happy you mentioned the box resizer, meant to have already purchased one and I keep forgetting.
Keep up the good work girls!

Kat Simpson said...

Okay now this is on my wish list too :)

Beverly said...

I bought one of these! Love it. Great money saver. One box size instead of 4 and less packing materials.

kdmoretti said...

I`m definitely all for anything that saves me time and especially MONEY on packing supplies. Because then I can pass the savings on to my Buyers and not have to charge as much for postage :>)which means the Customer is happy as well.

mymomsbooks said...

so glad you found your way here, LOl You will love this tool, it's easy and works.