Wednesday, September 15, 2010

MY TOWN - Jewett City CT

Most people will say, " Where the Heck is this ? "

Well Jewett City is a Borough of Griswold CT..

Griswold is considered to be on the Northeast Coast of CT. We are approximately 3 hours NORTH of Manhattan and 3 hours SOUTH of White Mountains of NH.

Both of which are a few of my Favorite Places to visit even though they are Totally Opposite ends of the spectrum..

Jewett City is very small, only about 3,000 people live here and I swear sometimes 3/4 of them are kids !

Including my 2 grandchildren who live next door.

Every year on the Saturday before Memorial Day, the town puts on an event which is called " Youthtopia" It is a Big Fair type event geered just for the kids in th
e town.

It is held in the Park, which borders my land, and there are all kinds of events for t
he younger generation including a DJ who of course plays the " kids music".

There are Face Painting Booths, Vendors with all the stuff the younger crowd wants like CD`s and T Shirts with Rock Groups on them, of course Food Booths with Popcorn and Cotton Candy and Snow
cones etc., and for the past 2 years there`s even been an Inflatable Climbing Rock Wall for them to try to defeat.

Here`s my 12 year old Granddaughter trying her best to get to the Top.

And the Highlight of the day every year is when the LIFESTAR Helicopter roar is heard overhead. The kids are amazed when it lands at the Park and then the Pilot and Co Pilot give all the kids a cha
nce to look inside as they are given a lesson on what Life Star is and how important it is to the Community.

What a Huge response every year for such a Small Town.

So that`s MY TOWN Folks !

Where do you live ? What`s Your Town Like ??

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