Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Bucks Keystone Kops try to capture a parrot!

So, locally someone posted a "lost Bird" poster all over the place. I mean every store in the shopping center has at least 2 - one on the door or window and one on the register area.

The bird who answers to a non-bird name like Charlie is a green parrot. He's been on the lam for over 3 weeks but today both my adult son and I spotted what we thought might be him,in the pine tree behind the house.

are indoor cats, declawed before we ever met them (all 4 wheels) but you'd think they were panthers the way  they've been carrying on.

Well their humans, my son and his father went out to try and entice this "bird" off the tree. Because? Because if it's Charlie the parrot there is a $1000 reward for nabbing him.

First of all, can I tell you the two vice-presidents here, Cosmo on the left and Max on top of my computer..., raised such a ruckus no bird in it's right mind would have come anywhere near the house unless, lassoed, knockedout and fricaseed.

We whistled, we chortled, we threw peices of bread in the air (well I did) and talked bird baby talk. And when the "suspect" came down within sight, it was a parakeet, not the green parrot with pink neck ring we needed to get the reward.

Where is the parakeet you ask? The last sighting had him still in my pine tree and he/she/it is making periodic forays down to the bird feeder for bird seed.

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