Tuesday, June 29, 2010

One Day Left In The 30 Day Blog Challenge

Back on May 30th I wrote a post about taking Jeanette Cates 30-day Blog Challenge. Well, tomorrow is day 30 and what a month it has been!

I took the challenge because I wanted to figure out exactly what my Sushiboofay blog should be about. In the end - I'm really not making many changes to it. It is going to remain my personal blog and will have my views about my life and things I find interesting.

I did, however, create two other blogs. Both titled The Freelance Misfit. One is on Blogger and the other Word Press. I quickly discovered that keeping up with that many blogs - is TOO MUCH WORK - so after the challenge I will rotate between the three and still continue contributing to this one -(this one - probably on a monthly or bi-weekly basis).

I decided with the Writing Blogs - the one here on Blogger will be about my adventures in freelance writing. The one at Word Press will be more of a business type blog - involving the mechanics of freelance writing. THAT blog will eventually (I hope) be used to generate more business leads.

Meanwhile, I'm thinking of listing an item a day on eBay. My childhood toys are now packed in tote boxes at my parent's new house, but the folks aren't too happy about it. I need to go through it and get it out of there. I also have a ton of stuff here that either needs to get sold or donated.

As usual, I am overwhelmed. It's all good though - at least I feel like I'm moving forward. Should I contribute all these thoughts I am having to my competing in a 30-day Blog Challenge? Probably not, but it did show me that I can complete something....or...at least it will...if I don't mess up and forget about blogging tomorrow! You'll just have to stop over to my blog to see if I remember! ;-)

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