Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No eBay Live but we Know how to Party!

John Donahoe in his Ivory eBay Tower has cancelled eBay Live for 2009 but some folks know how to party and don't need Live as an excuse. So with backing/sponsorship from www.WsRadio.com, Brainfood Syndication and Voicemarketing.com (the radio companies that produce eBay Radio and more on wsradio.com) and the leadership of Lee Mirabal (Griff's self-styled "Long Suffering Co-host) and eBay radio associate editor and eBay personality eBetsy, there's gonna be a party!

The "organizing team" of Lee and eBetsy have arranged very reasonably priced rooms at the Rio Hotel ($69 a might for a 2 room suite) and are lining up "presenters" now (so that makes this an educational expense for your business according to my accounting principles...and there for DEDUCTIBLE? Check with YOUR tax professionals for the final word but I'm writing it off if I can convince hubby to go).

THIS just in from eBetsy -
You know the dates -- June 24-25 -- and of course you know our destination: Las Vegas! We sign the contract for the Rio hotel on Friday. Now it's time to show us the money, please, by registering @ http://www.brainfoodradio.com/vegas. We'll be capping this event at 250 attendees, and it is strictly first come, first served.

Here's the link, again, to register - www.brainfoodradio.com/vegas!. Registration is a mere $50 (ebay live last year was $75 and went up after May 1,2008 so you're getting a bargain this year!)

Here's the directions included in the announcement email -

1. Register NOW to reserve your space!We will cap this event at 250 attendees.2. Please include your User ID in the Instructions note on the PayPal payment page.And if you register under your business name, please be sure to give us your real name too, in the Instructions note on the payment page.
3. If you plan to register but haven't signed up yet, please add your name to the sign-up page @ www.wsradio.com/vegas!

We want to add your email address to our newsletter mailing list.

4. Names on landing page:

With your permission, I am posting your name on the list on the web...if you wish to remain anonymous on the list with just your first name...please let me know by emailing me email Lee

Here's the list of presenters:

Marsha Collier (author of eBay For Dummies,coolebaytips.com)"eBay Sales Tips & Strategies"

Lynn Dralle (The Queen of Auctions) "Product Sourcing at Garage Sales"

Janelle Elms (Visionaire of the Online Success Institute, OSI Rock Stars) "

Setting Up an eBay Store"Carolyn "C.J." Jacinto (eBay Certified Business Consultant/ eBay Education Specialist, Trading Assistant, and Stellar Seller)

"Packing and Shipping"Melinda Jackson (Assistant Organizer, Dallas, eBaybes & eMales) galleriagifts on ebay

"Starting an eBay Sellers Group" Debbie Levitt (AsWas.com) "How To Select a 3rd Party Provider"

Cindy Shebley (eBay Certified Business Consultant/eBay Education Specialist and author of Easy Auction Photography) "Photography for eBay"

Ian Aronovich (President ofGovernmentAuctions.org)"Product Sourcing at Govt. Auctions"

There's bound to be parties galore, there's games, contest and recognition for your efforts to get there.. See here> "EBAY SCRAMBULOUS" - first day icebreaker, just like Scrabble except that you have to interact with your fellow eBayers to form a word (we'll have prizes for the longest word and the most creative word)

"SPEED EBAYING" (just like speed dating, except you get to network with your fellow eBay sellers for a few timed minutes)

SO? Why are you still here? GO REGISTER!! www.brainfoodradio.com/vegas!. If you go there and sign up they'll send you the same informative email I got.


EZAuction Photos said...

Thanks for posting this Beth. I really look forward to the party!It should be fun.

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