Friday, April 17, 2009

Facebook, Twitter and Blogging...OH MY!

And...let's not forget radio shows and webinars!

How do you keep up with all of it?

Today I printed out a weekly calendar for next week...stared at it for about ten minutes and then stuck it up on my bulletin board to deal with later.

"They" need to "get out there". Hit the social network...make yourself into a brand name...see the the brand.... do you do it all?

How do you keep up with all the blogs you end up creating. There's the one to help you sell things for you EBay or online business....then there the one that you create because "they" tell you've got to get your name out there....then there is the one or two you do for fun. I, personally do one for photos each day , but others I know keep up with their grand kids, their crafts, their lives....

Then we have Facebook....articles I've read --- say you MUST, MUST, MUST participate in at least SOME of those pesky applications people send to you. Collect Easter eggs, find out what kind of Diva you are....or just 'poke' someone....GOTTA do it's all about networking...

I haven't even mentioned Twitter yet. The new phenomenon (wow...I spelled it right on the first try!) to hit the internet... 140 characters...and WHAT IS ON YOUR of today even the mighty OPRAH is doing it!

Now you're blogging, tweeting and poking people....or you're at least suppose to be....but
I'm having a hard time keeping up with it all. Five blogs (Ebay, Writing, Photography, one I use a writing portfolio, a personal one I've been playing with...and oh...this actually SIX blogs). AND you're also running your online business....maybe even doing radio shows or being interviewed on one yourself... question for all of you on this Friday after a long, somewhat unproductive week for me...


How do you blog, tweet, poke, talk, listen and STILL get the primary aspects of your business done?

Inquiring mines want to know! Really...we do!!!!

Until next time....(or whenever I realize it's my turn to blog here again....HA-HA)

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