Friday, January 16, 2009

Well I guessed it was about time I started this blog. And no better time to start it then with the OBS Challenge of Reorganizing our Home Offices.

Originally my office was in one of the spare rooms on the second floor of my house. But that room also housed my Grandson`s bed (for sleepovers) AND my sewing machine and all the Fabric I use to make what I sell on ebay.

Which is primarily Blankets and Pillows for Children`s Beds. But I also will sell just about anything that`s NOT Nailed down (hubby`s words NOT mine) as long as I can make money on it.

When my husband got too jealous of all the time I was spending upstairs on the computer working on ebay, he and my 2 Grown sons got together Christmas of 2007 and bought me a LapTop.

Now the laptop is in the Livingroom, which is where hubby is each night after coming home from working 12 hour days 4 days a week.

And along with the Laptop came alot of my ebay "stuff" into the Livingroom.

See this is where I can set up my photos, and research my NON Sewing items that I sell and then sit down next to him on the couch ( that is when there`s nothing on the couch waiting to be listed ) and work away so he doesn`t complain that he never sees me anymore.

So this is how my livingroom "office" looks now.

If I can manage to get some of the "stuff" listed and out of here and not bring anymore in haha I`ll post the after pictures.


Kat Simpson said...

We're all in this together !

Patty said...

And all this time I thought I was the only Ebay maniac. I am always looking at stuff and thinking I wonder how that would do on Ebay. My house is cluttered. I have boxes saved everywhere. My husband is literally about to pull his hair out because he is tripping on stuff. Ebay has become the new drug of choice. It is alot like gambling.