Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another DSR's of our lives update

The life of an ebay seller is very hard lately. We have to work much harder to give our buyers a better deal than anyone else.
If Google would cooperate, well it might help. But they dont.So, I rely on Bonanzle...which is a selling site that I happen to love. They dont do auctions, but they do fixed price. Most of my ebay store items can also be found there.AND, the fees are much better.
Ebay needs to take a lesson on how to treat their buyers. Bonanzle has a customer service dept that is second to none! Always quick responses..but best of all, Bonanzle will send your items to Google!!EBay..take a lesson from this!!
As to the happenings in my house...and the sewer pipe...well..there are 2 that are on the reserve list for the sewer pipe.
Why you might ask?? Because I tried to be nice, we have 2 families living in my house..seating in the living room was Saturday, I found a great deal on a sectional gave me more seating and I was able to give away our old couch..and freecycle got the recliner!
Did my dear hubby appreciate what I did??????????? Heck no!! I even made sure that it was delivered BEFORE his beloved Titan's playoff game...
Oh well, I got my new couch, and they will just have to live with it!!
Who is the boss around here anyhow! Well we all know, its ME!
Come on ebay buyers!!! Get with the program and buy my items! Great glass at very low prices, books of all name it, I might just have it..
Cross your fingers yall.............for my income to improve greatly( my secret hope is to become a power seller and get all those discounts...)
and for my family to get their act together and realize who is boss and to avoid that sewer pipe..its filling up fast and taking reservations now!!
Have a great selling day y'all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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