Monday, December 1, 2008

Just eBaying along when...

Shelmar was listing like a crazy person, when all of a sudden...the computer died!Now, the day before, she had spent the ENTIRE day cleaning it out, running tests, etc. Why, well because, eBay was running a half price special for two days.

She wanted to be able to list fast with Auctiva free listing , so she cleaned out her cookies, run all sort of tests. Then, she told everyone in the house NOT TO TOUCH the computer!

Do you think they listened? NO! When the computer died, Shelmar roared "WHO was on the computer? It Crashed! Crashed like I'm gonna crash your heads"!!!

Mijmy ran to the van; Ave ran back to work; Weldon came up from the Way Station and said" What's the matter with Mom?" The very plants where quaking in there pots.

The pore grand, who ave left standing when Shalmar roared, started crying, " Nana, it was me and mommy" she said. "What? You and Ave where on the computer after I asked you all not to be?" asked Shalmar, in a tightly controlled roar.

"Yes Nana. Mommy said it will not hurt, we where only going to plat candy land. It's all my fault!" She cried. "Please don't crash my head, Nana!".

Shalmar, grumbling, hugged her grand, and promised to let her and her mom live. BUT, she needed Weldon to take her out of the office, so she could work on the computer in piece.

It took 2 days, and several downloads of virus cleaners, before Shalmar was not able to go back on eBay and list. But, she's listing them on Bonanzle right now!

And so, goes another day in the life of an online seller.

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Kat Simpson said...

hang in there, this too shall pass :)