Saturday, January 16, 2016

So Why Do Buyers Always Buy The Things I Can't Find?

I know I know - if it I can't find it, it should not be on eBay. Got's why I like Amazon FBA so much.  I can list it, send it in and never have to look for it. 

That said, it happened again this week.  A bowl, one I hated because it was so big and took up so much shelf space, and was not well shaped for "stacking'.  And of course, since I couldn't find it, it sold.

SO...what to do?

What kind of inventory system are you using because mine is not working 100% and I'm looking to tweak it.

Please us the comments to speak about how "you" control  your inventory.

Meanwhile, this is what I do, because maybe you'll have some suggestions for tweaking this too! .\

First I buy things..auctions, fleamarkets, thrift shops, stores..

Bring it home and clean it. (YES! I wash everything or at least run it thru the dryer..)

Then photograph, identify and measure... and LIST!  eBay, Amazon, Bonanza (I'd put it on ecrater but that's whole other episode...or mini-series in the drama of my ebay life).

Two years...four years... (Ok 7 years later), it sells... WHERE is it?

Back in 2012, I was facing surgery. My husband as convinced I would be disabled, mentally and physically for months and so he took every box of inventory, checked to see if it was listed and put it on a shelf (yes, he built the shelves too).   He marked each item, in the ebay listing form with what shelf he put it on. In the custom label field. 

So now, in 2016 when/if something sells, we are supposed to be able to go put our hands on it immediately.   Yeah not so much...

Two things happened... first of all, let me say that 90% of the time he shelves things.  BUT both of us must have gotten sloppy (see how I diffused that blame thing so superbly? 40 years of marriage there... LOL).  So things didn't get put on the correct shelf.................a lot..

AND things "fell off" ebay and didn't stay listed so the shelves are over loaded with "unlisted" items and then the listed items, there are abour 20% of which that have the wrong shelf in the inventory location.  (It's called a "snipe hunt" when we have to go look for one of them).

SO what do you do to make sure everything stays listed and you have it in the right "location" physically?  I'll be waiting here.


Martha DeMeo said...

Interesting post. I don't sell on Ebay so I don't have that problem. I do have a problem finding where I put my everyday things!

beth kelley said...

I sell clothing on eBay and have everything arranged by color. I just finished my inventory today and had three things listed that I did not have and about 20 things that weren't even listed. So where did the listing go??? I think sometimes it is an error on their end, not ours but we are responsible either way. When having lots of inventory, it is difficult to keep track of it...not sure of the perfect way to do it.

Birdhouse Books said...

Interesting post! I have all my books filed in numbered boxes. I keep an inventory card for everything I list, and put the box number on the inventory card.

With my cards, I have them in plastic boxes divided by subject (topical) or state (travel postcard).

My big inventory issue is remembering to pull things off all sites when they sell at one. I sell on eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and Bonanza.