Wednesday, December 2, 2015

10 Things I Love About Turbolister

Last night I was a guest for a segment on That Kat Radio.   Kat and I discussed these 10 things. Well, I think we really got thru 6.. but here are the whole 10 for you to check out.  Includig links to my Facebook page for Turbo Lister.

MY Top Ten Reasons that I love Turbo Lister
1.    Its FREE

2.    Can be used off-line – like when Comcast sabotages me during my available work time

3.    I can have all my ebay listings safely stored OFF ebay. Useful for instance when they take down a listing for some reason (like a duplicate or a policy violation..)  or when they “disappear” one of my listings

4    Makes it very easy to list similar items by setting up a template and then duplicating it 100 times and just changes phrases and prices etc.

5.    I can change the format to relist something from Auction to Fixed Price or vice versa with 3 clicks

6.    I can search and replace –like when they did away with accepting cash payments..or when I changed my store name or my user id and it was in the description text of 2500 listings

7.    I can import listings from ebay or from another site (as a backup or as a way of flooding ebay)

8.    I can export via TL for adding listings to a different website or as back up or for accounting purposes (you can then import them to say Excel as a spreadsheet.

9.    Synchronizing - lets you keep ebay and TL working seamlessly

10.    To revise or reprice without ending or using bulk editor (I love bulk editor but it has eaten a lot of my listings and duplicated many more of them with resulting violations

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