Thursday, June 12, 2014

Birdhouse Books Loves Vintage Books and Pretty Paper

Hi vintage friends!

I would love to invite you to visit my eBay store, Birdhouse Books.  You can also find me at my blog,   View from the Birdhouse.

My name is Trish.  I grew up in a family that went antiquing on weekends for fun.  Road trips always involved a stop at a little antique store in an out of the way location.   From childhood, I was fascinated with vintage paper - especially vintage Valentines and Christmas cards.  

My special favorite, though, is vintage children's books.  I love them!  I have a small collection of vintage picture books featuring dachshund dogs, and some favorite Little Golden Books.  I especially like Little Golden Books with dog stories, Christmas themes, and Eloise Wilkin illustrations.

You'll find all of these things - and a little more - in my shop on eBay.  I've sold since 2003 at eBay and have recently opened a shop at Etsy as well:  Birdhouse Books on Etsy.

Here are a few photos of things you will find at Birdhouse Books:

Vintage Children's Books like this one.  Pictured, Riddles Riddles from A to Z by Trina Schart:

Fun and unique vintage cookbooks, like 75 Glamorous Rice Dishes.  (Yes, rice can be glamorous!):

I love Roadside Americana and always have a selection of vintage postcards featuring motels, restaurants, amusement parks, and old fashioned tourist attractions.

Vintage Valentines!  Don't they remind you of childhood Valentine exchanges at school?

And of course there are vintage Christmas cards that evoke nostalgic holidays from the past:

I've enjoyed chatting with you here and sharing a peek inside my shop.  Hope you have a great day with some fun retro finds!

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Gail Wilkinson said...

Love those Vintage Children's Books you have. I read those to my kids and am now having fun reading them to the grand kids.

Love your store.

Susan Deppner said...

You obviously have a trained eye and excellent taste when it comes to children's books and adorable cards and collectibles!

Cynthia Batten said...

Great job, Trish! I love the photos and the cool vintage vibe I get when scrolling down and seeing them all.


Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks so much for the comments, Gail, Susan, and Cindy!

Gail, it makes me so happy to hear of someone reading vnitage books to their children and grandchildren. I think the stories and illustrations are so charming and so much fun to pass along to children.

Susan, thanks so much! I sell things I enjoy ... they are fun to shop for.

Cindy, thanks! I had a lot of fun picking out photos for this post.

Hope you all have a great day!


mymomsbooks said...

Always enjoy your books. We both have the same passion for our vintage children's books. Many times we are selling the same ones or have in the past.
Keep Finding treasures!

Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks, Suz! I love your vintage children's books, too. It is always fun seeing the ones in your shop and the great books you pin as well.


BookCornerCafe said...

Love your post Trish and sharing your items. I agree and have always loved vintage items.

kdmoretti said...

Great post Trish, So many wonderful books to relive childhood memories and create new memories with the now gemeration..Excellent

Birdhouse Books said...

Thanks, Deb! Thanks, Kathy! I appreciate your nice comments. Hope you have a wonderful day!


Brenda Little said...

LOVE your children's books and your postcards, Trish, particularly the holiday ones!

Birdhouse Books said...

Brenda, thanks for the nice comment! I love selling vintage children's books and holiday cards -- they are so much fun to find, research and list. - Trish