Monday, May 12, 2014

Amazon why do you confuse me so ??

About a year ago I took the "Amazon FBA plunge " and started sending in multiple boxes per week of inventory

When I first started I was very hesitant because of the learning curve. But I caught on fairly quickly in learning how to create and ship orders and soon began shipping 6-8 boxes at a time several times a week.

I was enjoying the "hunt" for products that would have a very lucrative ROI, and definitely was enjoying the $$ payout checks every 2 weeks

THEN oh boy THEN Amazon decided they were going to change the shipping procedure and threw a Monkey wrench into the works that definitely has FRUSTRATED me to NO end !!

What I want to know is HOW Amazon came up with this new plan and HOW does this make things easier or better for the seller ??

To create a shipment with 30 - 40 items in it ( many are multiples ) get everything ready to pack and ship, then have AMAZON tell me I NOW have 3 boxes with 10 items in each or worse than that, that I have 4 or 5 boxes with 7 or 8 things in each !!

This is NOT easier Amazon and definitely NOT " enjoyable " anymore

This is gonna be a HUGE learning curve for me..

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