Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall and Winter is Blogging Season

Fall and Winter are not normally associated with blogging but to me they are. Spring and summer are such a  busy time and most of my days are spent outside.  I love that the days stay light so late and enjoy many activities all season long with both friends and family.

That brings me to fall and winter which I also love but for very different reasons. I love the cool weather and dark nights that force my family indoors. We eat dinner earlier and have a nice evening ahead of us unlike the summer when it stays light until 9 pm and no one wants to be inside for any reason.

So to me Fall and Winter are blogging months when I can sit and relax in the evenings and enjoy writing. I have started a blog for the items I list for sale on eBayBook Corner Cafe where write about many things and here on our group blog.

So you can follow me on these blogs as I enjoy the fall and winter season of writing posts and sharing until spring again gets here and I am busy outside.

Do you blog more in the fall and winter?


Kat Simpson said...

I am really enjoying my first fall here in AR!

BookCornerCafe said...

PA has had a pretty odd fall this year but I still enjoy all the seasons.