Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Do You Remember Watching Movies on Reels?

Times have sure changed and so when someone asked you if you remember these Vintage Film Reels you just might be giving away your age. I will admit that I can remember going to movies when I was young (really young) and watching movies that used these reels.

I can also remember that there might be a skip or a point where someone had to come in and fix or rewind the reel to get it going. They were played on projectors and the film would unwind as it was played and was rewound on another reel.

When I was a kid it was a big deal to go to a movie get popcorn and a soda and spend a few hours watching a larger then life movie. This was often a Friday night out for my family and we would look forward to it all week.

Cartoons were often a favorite when we were young such as this one for sale  that includes Secret Squirrel, Sqiddly Diddly and Winsome Witch. Do you remember these cartoons?

My Little Margie was also a great show and sure does bring back some memories.

Do you remember these vintage film reels?


Beth Cherkowsky said...

My dad used to rent a project and films from some place in Chester, when I was a little little kid, and run the cartoons for our birthday parties... the best time was once he mounted the film upside down and backwards (I think some one forgot the REWIND before returning it ya know?) and we all cracked up watching Mickey Mouse dive backwards UP to the diving board.

Those were the days..


mymomsbooks said...

Film was the lively hood of Rochester NY aka the "Yellow Box" Kodak. So sad those days are gone. Speaking of film remember the film strips in school?
You have been selling some nostalgia, great someone will appreciate and enjoy!

PhoenixRising2000 said...

Sure, I remember. Secret Squirrel was one of my favorites and my little margie made my day. Thanks for the memories.

kdmoretti said...

Not only do I remember going to the movies to watch these type of films, but my Grandparents had REELS and REELS of home Movies from the Holidays when us kids were little. When my Grandparents both passed years ago I always wondered what happened to them. Then a few years back one of my cousins surprised us all with a DVD showing at a Family reunion of 15 years of Christmas laughter..She had the reels converted over !

Birdhouse Books said...

I remember those reels in school! I love seeing the vintage reels you list on eBay. They are so neat!!